Brooke masters balancing act

Employee Brooke TaylorBrooke Taylor is used to juggling many balls at once. Not only is she Mum to an energetic two year old, she’s also a full-time Client Services Consultant at RentCover in Melbourne.
While there may not seem to be many similarities between the two, Brooke thinks differently.
“Both my roles are pretty much non-stop and need me to think on my toes,” she says.
Brooke’s role at RentCover involves answering and resolving queries from both agents and policy holders. Having previously worked in the car insurance sector, and with a year’s experience at RentCover already under her belt, Brooke has sound knowledge of the insurance industry and can efficiently assist callers.
Brooke admits that every now and again, however, she receives a call that no amount of knowledge can help resolve.
“As much as we try to help everyone who calls, we get a surprising number of wrong number calls and we just can’t help people get their gas supply reconnected!” she laughs.
When she’s not working, Brooke grabs some well-earned relaxation time with her family and enjoys getting out to the beach whenever the Melbourne weather allows.