Seasonal security reminder

TheifThe warm weather brings out more than just flies – it’s also the season for burglaries.
With temperatures on the rise people often become more lax about security measures and windows and doors are left open to let the air in.
But it’s not just a cooling breeze that gains entry. As a landlord you can’t control whether your tenants lock windows and doors but you can make sure you’ve done everything possible to make your property secure:
  • Doors: An open door is an open invitation, and while you may have a sturdy, solid door that can be securely locked, when the weather warms these are often left open. And a locked standard flywire door will often only keep an honest person out. Security doors that let in the air can be installed on external doors. These doors can be all mesh, basic or decorative – but it’s also important to make sure the mesh is strong and in good repair.
  • Windows: Most windows can have locks installed that allow them to be left open but deny external access. There are also options for older buildings that won’t detract from the look, such as decorative grills.
  • Items around the yard: When you are undertaking any repairs around the property, or just setting up your outdoor space, make sure you don’t help thieves with access by leaving tools or ladders outside.
Of course, if the worst should happen and your property is burgled it’s important that you have insurance to cover your losses.
Your tenant’s insurance will cover their belongings – not any damage to your property – so make sure you
have enough cover to recoup any losses.