One list landlords don’t want to be on

Man Getting Kicked In Face

A website dedicated to naming and shaming the country’s worst landlords and real estate agents has revealed an upside for landlords – it’s helping with complaint resolution. was started in 2012 by Anthony Ziebell to “help make the rental market a fair and honest place for tenants and to warn others about negative experiences”. 
Although a number of supposedly “dodgy” real estate agents and “lazy” landlords have made appearances on the list, one positive outcome has been the use of the site to help resolve problems.
There have been numerous cases of tenants posting issues online and then either the agent or the landlord seeing it and contacting them to resolve it.
In one case a landlord found out about a tenant injuring himself on a badly constructed flight of stairs. He promptly fixed the stairs and then dealt with the agency, which had never advised the landlord of the incident.
And although it’s a list any landlord would loathe being on, it is reassuring to know when an issue is resolved, the post is taken down.
That all said, the concern remains that posts to the site may include those form disgruntled ex-tenants which are unwarranted or ill-informed. As with everything there is always two sides to a story, and often the truth lays somewhere in between.