Staff profile: Grant’s a real life saver

Employee Grant

When he’s not saving lives on the beach, Grant Maywald likes to get right into the “nitty gritty” of an insurance claim.
The Melbourne-based RentCover Claims Specialist, who is also a volunteer surf life saver, says the more complex the claim the better.
“I really like nutting out a claim and getting to the nitty gritty of the detail. The more complicated and detailed it is, the happier I am,” Grant says.
“One claim that sticks in my mind was when I was back at RAA. It was an accidental damage claim. A man had dropped his glass eye and shattered it. The claim cost was in excess of $1,000. It’s still the only glass eye I have received a claim for.”
Grant joined RentCover nine months ago, moving to Melbourne from his home town Adelaide where he was a senior claims officer for RAA Insurance.
“I’m just getting used to living in Melbourne and it’s a lot busier than Adelaide. My wife is from Melbourne, so it’s a return home for her,” he said.
Grant relocated with his wife, Hayley, and two daughters Verity, aged 7, and Nicole, aged 18. His two older children Ben, aged 21, and Brooke, aged 19, still live in South Australia.
This active family keeps Grant busy but he also finds time to spend at the beach, volunteering with the Chelsea Long Beach Surf Life Saving Club.
“I have been a volunteer life saver for about nine years. I got into it through my best mate who was in surf life saving. At the time I was 180 kilograms and realised I really had to do something. So I started going to gym with him and joined surf life saving,” he explained.
Grant has a string of impressive qualifications, including a Bronze Medallion, Silver Medallion, Advanced Resuscitation, IRB Driver, IRB Crew, Advanced First Aid and Jet Boat Crew.
“I have done lots of rescues, even a Stage 4 drown where I resuscitated a girl and got her back to breathing before she was taken away in the ambulance,” he said.
Grant’s family are also part of the surf life saving team. Verity started Nippers this year, Nicole and Ben both achieved a Bronze Medallion, and Brooke is a former Nipper.