Streamline insurance claims this summer

Broken Window

Fire, storms and hail all hit Australia during summer, meaning insurance claims for damage and losses from severe weather events often rise between December and February.
If your property, or one which you’re managing, is hit by an unfortunate weather event, we have some easy steps to follow when you make an insurance claim:
Act to prevent further loss or damage
Take ‘reasonable’ steps to prevent further loss or damage. This includes emergency repairs to windows, roofs and electrics or engaging someone to extract water and dry carpet.  You may need to contact the appropriate emergency services, such as the SES, fire brigade or police, to secure your property, so also keep those details in an accessible place for tenants.
Document loss or damage
It’s the owner’s – and sometimes agent’s – duty to establish a loss has occurred when they submit an insurance claim. Take plenty of photos that clearly show the damage to the property. If you’re unable to take photos, ask any repairers to take photos before they start work.
Notify us
It may be the last thing on your mind if you’re boarding up windows or removing buckets of water but it’s worth contacting us (1800 661 662) as soon as possible to advise us of any loss and obtain further guidance regarding the claims process.
Provide quotes
Obtain at least one quote for repairs. Generally we require two quotes, however, we understand this may be difficult during catastrophic events. We may still require a second quote to quantify the claim, however, if this is required we will advise you once the claim has been received.
Obtain a causation report
Request a causation report from the repairer that clearly identifies the cause of loss or damage. For example, if the cause of damage is storm/rainwater or hail, the repairer should describe how and why the rain or hail entered the premises.
Keep receipts
Keep receipts for any work you do yourself or materials you purchase as you may be able to claim those expenses. But be wary of ‘helpful’ tenants who undertake repairs, as our insurance policies do not cover repair work undertaken by tenants.
Submit a claim
Either download or complete an online claim form from our website and submit it with supporting documents, making sure they’re signed and dated.
Taking these steps will ensure your claim is assessed and processed efficiently.