Trust in online ads grows

Man Using Smart Screen

Websites have dominated the property sales and rental market for years but online advertising has struggled to gain the same credibility and trust.
But recent research has found the tides are turning.
According to Neilson’s 2015 Global Trust in Advertising Report, digital advertising is becoming a more trusted form of advertising among Australian consumers. 

The report compared the number of people who trusted online advertising in 2007 and today. It found consumer trust of online banner adverts had almost doubled from fewer than one in five Australians in 2007 to one in three in 2015.

Similarly, trust in branded websites nudged upward, from half of Australians in 2007 to almost three in five today.
Not surprisingly, the report stated the most trusted source of information on a brand, product or service was other consumers, with four in five Australians trusting recommendations from someone they already knew. But an unexpected surprise was a growth in trust of online sources, with comments from other online consumers identified as the second most trusted source by those involved in the survey.
Trust in text ads on mobile phones also increased from three in 20 Australians in 2007 to one in four today.
As technology provides new and improved ways to connect with potential buyers and renters it’s useful to know where to place your advertising trust.