Wey aye! Customer service is Danielle’s focus

Employee Danielle Johnson

Former UK Novocastrian Danielle Johnson says she cops some stick from colleagues over her Geordie roots.
“It’s not so much that I’m a Geordie that brings all the ribbing from the team,” Danielle laughs. “It’s more because I made the mistake of letting them know I went to school with one of the cast from the TV program, Geordie Shore.”
The bubbly 26-year-old hails from Newcastle in the UK but has settled in Perth after meeting and marrying the man of her dreams while on a working holiday in Australia.
Six months after the wedding Danielle landed the job as a Client Services Consultant at RentCover.
“I have a background in customer relations, which is what this job is all about,” Danielle said.
Work days usually start early for Danielle, so she can sort through the overnight emails and plan her day before the customer phone calls start.
An average day has her preparing customer documentation, processing, writing or amending policies, referring and following up client claims with EBM’s in house claims department and responding to customer phone calls and emails.
While the client services main office is in Melbourne, Danielle works in Perth with two other RentCover consultants.
She says it’s always busy – at work and at home – but she hopes to find more time for her favourite personal pastime.
A keen equestrienne, she’s looking forward to a time she may be able to return to competition in Australia.
“We’re horse breeders back home,” she said. “Dressage, eventing, cross country and in hand, I used to compete in some of the biggest horse shows in England.” 
Danielle is also a sports fanatic, supporting Newcastle in the English Premiership league and the Dockers in the AFL.
PS: Happy birthday Danielle! (she’s celebrating on 11 February #WeyAye)