Meet Zac

Employee Zachary Mirazaz

Our claims specialist likes being the person you turn to.
Zac Miraziz says he “fell” into the insurance industry by chance, when a friend put his name forward with a large international company.  
“I haven’t looked back since,” he said. “It’s a great industry to be part of.”
After six years of processing motor insurance claims, Zac says he started to get itchy feet, looking to expand his experience and knowledge of the industry in landlord insurance.
“The opportunity came up in EBM’s RentCover division and that’s given me the chance to work with a great team, and I’m actually dealing with people,” said the Claims Specialist.
“It’s very satisfying to see a claim out end to end and build connections with clients.
“I am the first point of contact when the claim is lodged and the last point of contact when it’s settled. I’m with the client all the way through to completion.”
Zac says he’s finding that people appreciate one-to-one contact with their insurance provider.
“Even though it’s a business, and needs to be run as such, I get a real kick out of being the person people turn to for help when something’s gone wrong. 
“It’s good for them to know they have someone they can rely on through the process,” Zac said. “I think clients choose EBM for the quality of the product and also the execution of the claims process. 
“It’s a cut above the claims experience of other companies where I’ve worked. You get to help people and that’s basically what I am all about,” he said.
Zac was born and educated in Adelaide before moving to Sydney for a few years. He then made the move to Melbourne, where he’s been for almost three years. His weekends are spent rehearsing or playing gigs with his heavy metal ban – Schikain – which is planning to record its first album this year.
Zac’s other love is writing and he hopes to have his first novel published this year as well.