Sarah's listening


Being a good listener is the key
Taking the time to listen and carefully explain reasons for decisions to clients can make the difference between having a grumpy, dissatisfied customer and one who may not like the result but at least understands and accepts the decision, according to RentCover Client Services Consultant, Sarah Royle.

“Insurance can be daunting to an outsider,” Sarah said. “If they don’t understand something, they can get really frustrated and angry, if a claim is denied for example, and that’s understandable. If you take time to listen and explain, they come round. A lot of the time they just want someone to lend an ear.”
Sarah describes herself as a “people person” and says she loves working in the insurance industry, having started in insurance straight from school in New Zealand, before a stint in Sydney with an international firm and then the move to RentCover’s Melbourne office.
“It’s challenging and rewarding,” Sarah said. “There are lots of different roles to move into, so many interesting areas to learn about. The claims process and the technical side of underwriting are really interesting.
“Dealing with people is nice. I enjoy solving an issue for a client and their gratitude is rewarding,” Sarah said.
In her role, Sarah deals with current and prospective clients, arranging quotes, processing applications, customising policies and responding to queries about claims and policies.
After 12 months, Sarah says she’s come to admire EBM’s personalised approach.
“EBM is a really personal company in the way it operates and conducts business,” she said.
“I have worked for larger companies who don’t have that approach, where the emphasis is on quantity over quality.”
Spare time will find Sarah baking in the kitchen of her Brunswick home or watching British programs on TV (her father is a Brit and she’s proud of her northern-England heritage).
Sarah is also a big Star Wars fan and claims to be very good at trivia.
She says she and her partner Manny are working up to taking their “nerdiness” to the next level in a year or so by dressing up for Supanova and Comic-Con gatherings.
“I just have to brush up on my sewing skills,” Sarah laughed.