Staff Profile: Phong Thai

Staff profile: Celica Olsson

Never miss a beat
When Phong Thai’s on hold for one of his clients, chances are he’ll be tapping out a pretty cool rhythm on the desktop with his pen.
Phong hasn’t missed a beat since taking up the drums at the age of eight and today the thanks from a happy client is music to his ears too.
As a Client Services Consultant with RentCover, Phong’s days are spent helping landlord clients manage their tenancy risks.
“The work is challenging but rewarding as well,” said Phong, who’s been with EBM for a little over a year.
Having been introduced to insurance through a stint in a call centre where he sold life and funeral insurance, Phong was looking for a change. 
“I read the ad for the EBM job and thought the company looked good, it seemed to have a good work ethic and culture,” he said.
“It was a good decision and I’m really pleased I got the job. There are opportunities here and I’ve made some close friends. This is the perfect workplace and I’m really enjoying insurance as a career.”
Phong says clients choose EBM and RentCover for customer service: “Clients know we take the time to get to know their needs and help them get the right cover. It can be challenging but I enjoy explaining the ins and outs and it’s very rewarding when you can help a client to get the right cover for their needs.” 
Music remains a big part of Phong’s life and while the drums are still his favourite, he taught himself keyboards when he was 17. 
“I was recording instrumental tracks for singers for two years. For music production, you need keyboards,” said Phong, who became a music producer after graduating from Swinburne University with a degree in business marketing.
He spends a lot of his spare time practising his music and has also taken up DJ-ing at clubs. Sundays are spent with his partner Lisa, taking in a movie or having dinner with friends.