Staff Profile: Abby Mercado

A welcoming smile 

Employee Abby Mercado

Whether it is over the phone or in person, clients are always greeted with a big smile and a warm “hello” when they visit or call our Melbourne office.
The young woman behind that bright grin and bubbly personality is Abby Mercado.
Abby is a real ‘people person’. In fact, she says she couldn’t imagine being in a job where she didn’t have regular interaction with others.
Previous jobs in sales and customer service have all involved face-to-face contact with customers and the 20-year-old has brought that experience to her role with RentCover.
It’s Abby’s first foray into the insurance industry, but just three months in she says she finds the industry intriguing and would like to learn more about it if the opportunity arises.
“I’d like to get into insurance a bit more,” Abby said. “I’m starting to learn a little more about the industry through my work.”
Abby says helping other departments with claims filing and administration work adds variety to her day.
“They’re good people to work with at EBM,” she said.
Born and raised in Adelaide, she moved to the Sunshine Coast with her family early in 2015.
In Queensland she was working in customer service at Australia Zoo (made famous by Steve Irwin and his family), guiding tourists through the zoo and telling them about the animals.
After meeting her boyfriend on the Sunshine Coast late last year, she moved to Melbourne to be closer to him.
A self-taught musician, Abby enjoys playing pop punk on her acoustic guitar and chasing little Pokémon creatures in her spare time.