Spring has sprung

Cleaning GuttersIt’s spring – and a great time to make sure a rental property is looking its best.

Traditionally spring is when homemakers look to give their abode a good scrub and it’s the ideal opportunity for landlords to give their investment property a once over too.
As the weather warms and the light becomes brighter, the time is ripe for property managers to get out that ‘little black book’ of trades and services and arrange a bit of maintenance indoors and out:


  • Inspect wet areas for mould and caulking deterioration
  • Service the AC
  • Have carpets, curtains and blinds professionally cleaned
  • Ensure all appliances are working properly
  • Make sure overhead fans and exhaust/extractor fans are working well
  • Refresh paint – keep the colour palette neutral and remember to prep surfaces properly before repainting or touching-up chips and scratches
  • Replace worn/damaged tapware, cupboard handles and fixed fittings and furnishings (e.g. curtains, blinds, lighting)
  • Steam clean tiles and hard surfaces such as countertops (don’t forget the grout)
  • Clean windows and flyscreens (and make any repairs)
  • Polish stainless steel benchtops and appliances
  • Fix leaking taps, loose hinges and screws (especially on handrails and stairs)


  • Clean out the gutters and drains
  • Inspect the roof for damage
  • Check the foundations and driveways, and repair cracks
  • Ensure exterior doors and windows move freely, are weatherproof/draught-proof and in good repair (including the hardware and locks)
  • Repaint or touch-up siding and trims
  • Use a high-pressure hose to clean outdoor areas
  • Get gardening – check the retic, tidy up, fertilise lawns and flower beds, mulch, prune trees and shrubs, weed and add a splash of colour with annuals or plant out using low-maintenance natives
  • Arrange a pest inspection
  • Have alarms and security systems tested
Maintaining a property is a requirement for insurance cover. Neglecting maintenance could have a detrimental impact on a landlord if they do need to make a claim, so make sure urgent repairs are carried out within legal timeframes, statutory safety requirements are adhered to (e.g. pool fences, railings, stairs, balconies) and that other repairs and regular maintenance are addressed promptly.