Staff profile: Chris Mylonas

Employee Chris MylonasPumped up on great customer service!

RentCover’s Melbourne-based client services consultant Chris Mylonas, loves to roll up his sleeves and get stuck into hard work – whether that’s pumping iron or solving insurance problems for his clients.
Chris, 25, came to RentCover seven months ago. He had been selling further education courses after previously completing a carpentry apprenticeship and working as a tradie.
An ambition to grow and learn brought him to RentCover’s door and he’s now embarking on a new career in insurance.
“I really enjoy the job. I like the culture and atmosphere, the people are great and the work is really satisfying,” Chris said.
“I sometimes miss outdoor work, but with Melbourne weather, that feeling doesn’t last long and I’m grateful to be in an office.”
Chris works in client services; processing applications, providing telephone support, managing claims inquiries, helping new clients and renewing existing ones. It keeps him in close touch with people.
“Those around me say I’m a ‘people-person’ so, really, this is the ideal job for me,” he said.
“We serve a range of people, from agents to private landlords, and the circumstances are always changing.”

In his spare time, Chris likes to keep fit and spends a lot of time working out at the gym.