Staff Profile: Maria Ignatidis

Something about working in insurance just ‘clicked’ with Maria.

Employee Maria Ingatidis
Loving RentCover’s spirit!
Maria Ignatidis has made the insurance industry a lifetime career choice. She says it’s been very good to her. 
“I came to insurance straight from school at 19,” said the vivacious Client Services Manager – East.
Born in Melbourne, to Greek parents who migrated to the city in the 1960s, Maria’s drive to succeed and willingness to work hard saw her rise through the ranks into management roles.
She comes to RentCover with more than 20 years’ experience in broking and underwriting.
“My first job was as a receptionist, but something about insurance clicked with me and I worked my way up,” Maria recalled.
She studied and progressed steadily, reaching national managerial roles in personal lines insurance – domestic home and motor insurance – before being appointed operations manager of the company where she spent nearly eight years.
An employment agent suggested she talk to EBM when she went looking for a new challenge.
A couple of months into the job, Maria said she’s very grateful for the suggestion.
“I love my new job,” she beamed. “Everything about it, I love every day, the culture of the company, the people I work with, everything!
“I manage a great team who know their products really well. They’re friendly, experienced and naturally engaging with our clients, which makes them a pleasure to manage.”
Maria enjoys the challenge in learning a new product and becoming acquainted with the company culture at EBM and RentCover and she’s relishing the opportunity to learn new systems and new policies.
Describing herself as a ‘free spirit’, Maria said travel is a great love, especially if there’s sun and warm weather involved. Her passport stamps tell the story… Hawaii, Thailand, Bali… Greece (once only so far).
“I speak, read and write Greek and I’d love to spend more time there, as long as it’s hot,” she laughed.