Staff Profile: Madeline Camm

Unsuccessful job application opens up new career for Maddie!

Employee Maddie Camm

Maddie Camm is pretty chuffed she didn’t get the receptionist job she applied for at EBM’s RentCover.
Instead, she was offered a position as a Client Services Consultant in the Melbourne office and she hasn’t looked back.
“I love the work”, Maddie said. “Every day is different and every day has new challenges. Most days are very busy. The days fly by, one minute it’s 10 o’clock… then it’s five o’clock!”
After five years’ working in a kebab shop, the chirpy 21-year-old decided it was time to do something with her life and build a career.
With her first year at RentCover under the belt, Maddie says she’s found that career in insurance.
“EBM is such a great company to work for,” she enthused.
“There are opportunities to grow and move into other areas. I like to think in five years I’ll have moved up the ladder, with more responsibility and perhaps be in another area of EBM’s operation… the company offers so many opportunities.”
Maddie’s enjoying learning about insurance and the residential tenancy sector of the market. She particularly enjoys building relationships with clients; agents and private customers alike.
“I think that’s why customers choose EBM – they know they will get a personal response from a real person, not a recording, and we respond quickly to their requests.”
Maddie lives at home with her parents, older sister, younger sister and brother.
“It’s a busy household, lots of cars parked in the driveway!” she laughed.

Weekends are spent relaxing with friends, taking a turn at cooking for the family or eating out.