Summer lovin’

Before the scorching weather sets in, get ahead with seasonal rental property maintenance.

It’s set to be another sizzling summer and there’s no denying Australians love the great outdoors at this time of year. We also love being able to cool off – and finding the air-con has ‘carked it’ or the pool’s out of action doesn’t bode well.

Make sure your rental is ready for action with these maintenance tips:

  • Pool RepairmanGet the air-conditioning system serviced, clean the filters
  • Have the pool cleaned, service the pump and accessories and ensure the water is fit for swimming
  • Clean overhead fans as dust inhibits effectiveness
  • Clean and repair flyscreens
  • Fit screens to doors and windows (and locks that allow windows to open only far enough to let in a cooling breeze and not a light-fingered miscreant)
  • Make sure all outdoor lights are working
  • Tidy the garden and set the reticulation for summer watering
  • Spruce up the outdoor area
  • Arrange a pest inspection
  • Check the home is well sealed to keep bugs and other interlopers out
  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors
  • Clean gutters and check the roof
  • Touch-up the outdoor paintwork with weather and condition-appropriate products (think harsh sun or coastal winds)
  • Get the security system serviced – hot weather can sometimes trigger false alarms
  • Have a sparkie give the electrics a once-over – cranking up fridges/freezers, air-cons and fans could overload the system
  • Call in a plumber to check for leaks
Keeping a rental ship-shape is not only a great way to keep tenants on side, it’s also an easy way to safeguard insurance cover. Neglecting maintenance can put the property at risk and potentially void a policy, so get out that little black book of trades and get on top of repairs.