Gōng xǐ fā cái[1]

Get into the spirit of Chinese New Year with these feng shui tips for your investment property.

On Chinese Dragons Dancing28 January we welcome the Year of the Rooster. To celebrate Lunar New Year, why not apply some of the principles of feng shui (pronounced fung shway) to your rental property?
Feng shui is an ancient system of aesthetics used to balance the physical environment to promote harmony and a sense of well-being.
The art of feng shui is based on the notion that everything has certain energy or chi and how we arrange the objects around us can affect aspects of our lives. When you acquire a property you hope will earn you an income, the feng shui of that property is important.
Practitioners believe that buildings with good feng shui need less maintenance. They are also convinced that a building that promotes wellness will make tenants feel comfortable in the space so they stay longer – and when they do leave, the positive chi they leave behind will attract new tenants.
The positive chi of a property can be increased using colours, materials and water.
The number nine is the most auspicious number in feng shui, so here are nine tips to use at your investment property:

1. Clear the clutter

Chi must be able to flow freely throughout the space and clutter disrupts the flow creating negative energy.

2. Encourage light

Light activates energy, so make the most of natural daylight, have good light sources, and use mirrors to reflect chi around the home.

3. If it’s broken, fix it

Things that are broken or don’t work properly are impediments to vitality in the home.

4. Make water a feature

Water represents wealth. Place a water element (like a fountain) near the property’s entry, with the water flowing towards the home.

5. Go green

Add plants to the home – they purify the air by absorbing toxins and electrical pollutants emitted by appliances and foster vibrant chi. Add a jade plant/money tree (Crassula ovata) by the front door and plant oranges and lemons for luck.

6. Clean thoroughly

Dirt drains energy. Clean windows to encourage healthy chi movement.

7. Let positive energy in the front door

Keep the front door clean, opening easily, free from obstacles and devoid of squeaking or creaking to allow the entranceway to invite positive energy in.

8. Decorate with colour

Different colours have different meanings: green represents health and growth; yellow is for nourishment; brown is strength and stability; red and purple are considered lucky; and white is for freshness and new beginnings. If you want to tap into the colours of the Year of the Rooster go for royal purple, blue tones or burgundy.

9. Do a space clearing

Spaces retain the energy imprint of those who inhabit them. Welcome in new chi by clearing the space by burning palo santo, smudging with white sage or spraying natural orange essential oil mixed with water.

With feng shui you can help make the property good for financial prosperity, ensuring your tenants will be able to pay their rent. But if you want to rely less on chi to safeguard your investment, your best bet is to have the right landlord insurance that covers you should your tenant’s luck be not so auspicious!

[1]Pronounced gong hei fat choi and loosely translated as congratulations and be prosperous!