Staff Profile: Madeline LandEmployee Madeline Land

Make ‘em laugh is Madeline’s motto

Madeline Land likes making people laugh and if that means spending more time on the phone to raise a giggle from her clients, then that’s what she’ll do.
“I get ribbed a bit by others in the office because I sometimes get into long conversations with our clients, but I enjoy the contact,” the Client Services Consultant said.
“It’s one of the satisfying things about the job, the human aspect of talking to clients and being able to alleviate their stress."
“Often these people are landlords with strangers in their homes or properties and they can face some unpleasant situations."
“I like being able to help them by providing the information they need and to finish the call feeling that it’s been a job well done.”
Madeline says the challenging part of her job is staying on top of Product Disclosure Statements, understanding the various policy conditions and making sure the information she provides is correct.
“There’s a lot to learn,” she said, after nearly a year in the job. “You can’t afford to misinform people.”
Madeline says some customers are shocked to hear a real person on the line when they call, rather than an automated service or off-shore call centre.
She says the personal service is what keeps clients coming back to RentCover and EBM.
“Many of our customers are referrals and they stay with us because of that personal touch,” she said.
After completing her media and communications degree, Madeline’s introduction to the insurance industry came through her role as receptionist for a vehicle repairer. She then found her way to RentCover, through a friend, in February last year.
“This is a great place to work, good people and I really like the work culture,” Madeline said.
Spare time is spent with partner Sam and friends over drinks or a meal when they’re not working gigs entertaining bigger audiences – Sam as a jazz pianist, Madeline as a comedienne.
“My favourite thing in life is to make people laugh,” she said, adding that this year she will be taking to the stage at ‘open mic’ nights to polish her stand-up comedy skills.