Staff Profile: Roy GarciaEmployee Roy Garcia

Roy’s always on the move
Excellent time management is the key to Roy Garcia’s success. As an Executive Relationship Manager in our Melbourne office, Roy spends his time between the office and out on the road meeting with existing and prospective clients and training property management teams.
“The unpredictability of the role is what I love about my job – I never have the same conversation twice in one day!” he said.
With a career built on creating and developing relationships with clients, Roy saw the move into insurance as a challenge – one that he grabbed with both hands.
“I like to learn and push myself and saw a career in insurance would not only give me that, I also felt it would bring new learnings throughout the journey.”
Roy’s been with RentCover for almost a year and his previous experience working with the real estate industry has been invaluable.
“I spent two-and-a-half years in newspaper advertising sales where I dealt with real estate agents, property developers and project marketers. I developed solid relationships with agents and this allowed me to understand the industry from a different point of view,” explained Roy.
“I was attracted to the role with EBM as I felt that the contacts I had in the industry would be of value to RentCover’s business. The understanding I have of the industry is also a great ice-breaker when I meet clients for the first time too.”
Breaking the ice is easy for Roy: “What I enjoy most about my job is the people aspect. It really helps being a social person outside of work and being able to bring that into work is a big thing.”
Roy also thinks it’s RentCover’s people that attracts clients, “there’s always contact from real people who want to help and who are helpful”.
While Roy’s work days are a whirlwind, his weekends are no less driven. Together with wife Sarah, two-year-old daughter Adele and fur babies Neekie and Logan (two cats) and Nala, “our awesome golden retriever”, the family is always on the go.
“We try to keep as busy as possible with day trips to fill one day out of the two, going to the soccer and watching Victory, or binge-watching TV series when the weather turns bad.”