There is a season – turn, turn, turn

Autumn has arrived and along with it the need for some seasonal maintenance.


Ahh autumn, the time when the leaves turn from green to gold… and then wind up blocking your gutters! Joking aside, now is a great time to get a jump on investment property repairs and maintenance before the wet and cold weather arrives.
Landlords and PMs should arrange a seasonal inspection and call in the trades to undertake some preventative maintenance.
Here are eight areas to focus on:
1.    Gutters and drainsLeaves and other debris can quickly clog gutters, downpipes and drains, increasing the risk of leaks and flooding. Get gutters cleaned and make repairs to ensure they are watertight.
2.    RoofA leaking roof can lead to expensive repair bills. Get a professional to check the roof for broken/cracked tiles, disintegrated ridge capping, loose tiles or roof sheets, rusted joins etc. 
3.    Air-conditionersAfter the summer hammering, it’s a good time to get air-conditioners serviced. A professional will check all the components, safety devices and thermostats. If the unit is reverse cycle, early autumn is the ideal time for maintenance, before the need for heating kicks in.
4.    Gas appliancesFaulty gas appliances pose a real risk for home occupants. Make sure gas heaters, stoves and hot water systems are serviced by a licensed professional.
5.    Hot water systemCall in a plumber to check the health of the system. No hot water means unhappy tenants. 
6.    Smoke alarmsMake sure smoke alarms and any supplied fire extinguishers are in working order. If the property has a fireplace, call in a chimney sweep.
7.    Doors and windowsGaps in doors and windows make heating difficult. Make sure they are well sealed and ensure the home is sufficiently insulated.
8.    VentilationA build-up of condensation can lead to mould, peeling paintwork, bubbling wallpaper and warped doors and window frames. Make sure exhaust fans are clean (lots of dust accumulates in these) and in good working condition.
A little maintenance can prolong the life of the property and expensive facilities like heating and cooling, keep tenants content and ensure that the owner complies with the requirement in their insurance to maintain the premises.