Staff profile:  Tash Dickson

It must have been fate.

Employee Tash Dickson

“Insurance found me!” laughed Tash Dickson when asked why she was drawn to the insurance industry.
The Relationship Manager, based in our Perth office, has been with RentCover for 18 months but “insurance just kept popping up in every job” – so she made the decision to join the industry.
“I used to be a business banker, processing business and home loans for SMEs and part of my role was to identify insurance needs and refer the clients to an insurance specialist,” explained Tash.
“Insurance was even a part of my personal life – my parents would get me to arrange their insurance policies for them!”
Her interest in insurance led her to work for general insurance and health insurance providers before she made the switch to Client Services with EBM.
“I had come from an insurance background but was not familiar with landlord insurance so it was interesting for me to learn about,” she said.
While there are always challenges working in insurance, for Tash this is “best part” of her job: “I love that it’s always changing and challenging.”
And speaking of challenges, Tash doesn’t just get a kick out of them in her work life – she’s up for them at home too, with her “two beautiful sons” putting her through her paces.
“When the weekends come I spend every spare minute with them. I’m either getting beaten in basketball by my 12-year-old or educated on PlayStation4 by my six-year-old!”