Staff Profile – Haruna Okita

Employee OkitahInsurance was just the challenge Haruna was looking for.

After spending years working in the retail industry where the work was physically challenging but did little to stimulate her mind, Haruna Okita made the move into insurance.
“I wanted to try something different and an industry where you can learn new things and grow,” explained the Client Services Consultant in our Melbourne office.
Just three months into her role with RentCover, Haruna has settled into her “great team” and is busy learning all she can about the insurance industry.
Training and data entry currently fill her days as she takes in as much information as possible. Haruna is also loving the opportunities afforded to her with her new career: “I enjoy seeing great people every day and setting myself a goal and achieving those goals on a daily basis”.
Coming from a retail background, customer service is second nature to Haruna but she is still impressed with RentCover’s personal touch.
“I think clients choose RentCover because they are able to talk to a consultant to help them resolve any issues instead of going through an automated step-by-step process and then hitting a dead end.”
Haruna loves eating and fitness, so her weekends are spent at cafes and at the gym. She also heads out of the city to the Yarra Valley to take scenic walks and climbs – that’s when she isn’t lazing about at home of course!