Staff profile: Jessica White

Employee Jessica WhiteIt’s all go, go, go!

From the moment Jessica White arrives at our Melbourne office to the time she leaves, her day is a whirlwind of activity. And she wouldn’t have it any other way!
“My days are nice and busy. When I come in in the morning I register any claims that have come in overnight to ensure that they are addressed within 24 hours. I continue registering claims as they come in during the day and update the claims from the previous day. I also make claims payments and generally help make sure the claims process runs smoothly and everything gets done, so it’s go, go, go!” said the Claims Administrator.
“Whilst most days are relatively similar, there is always something different – something to keep you on your toes! There is always a new challenge, and it never gets boring.”
Jessica joined the RentCover team a couple of months ago, and although this is her first job with an insurer she was no stranger to the world of insurance.
“I worked for an owners’ corporation management company for three years where I was responsible for lodging a myriad of insurance claims as well as organising make safes when things went wrong, for example if a roof fell in from a water ingress issue I would arrange for the contractor to attend, make the area safe and do an initial investigation. I was also responsible for following up insurance claims and making payments to owners as needed,” Jessica explained.
So when the time came to make a career change, insurance was just the ticket.
“I felt insurance would be a great experience and would provide me with plenty of opportunity to progress my career. Insurance is an ever-growing business, and so provides lots of room to grow. EBM also provides lots of training for their staff, which is fantastic.”
Having been on the other side of insurance claims, Jessica appreciates the value in having a streamlined claims process – and it’s something that she thinks clients appreciate too.
“I may be a bit biased, but I believe clients choose RentCover because of the claims handling. Claims is where a policy really comes into play – ultimately it is why people want to take out a policy, to ensure if there is an event they are covered,” Jessica said.
“When dealing with any claim, we are dealing with a huge investment that someone has put in, and unfortunately they have been left in a bad situation whether from a storm, a fire or just bad tenants. The customer service in RentCover’s claims department is fantastic, and helps our clients feel reassured that they are in the best hands possible.”
And Jessica understands how special it is to provide a sense of security. Outside of the office, she spends a lot of her time with her rescue dog. “He had a not so great start to life, so we do a lot of work with him to help him learn that life isn’t all that scary!”