Employee Gareth GreavesStaff profile: Gareth Greaves

Gareth’s the go-to guy for real estate pros

Although Gareth Greaves works with clients from many different industries, he has a special spot in his heart for the real estate industry – having worked on the frontline in the property world before making the switch to insurance broking.

“I worked in the real estate industry in the UK and Australia for around three years and have been working as an insurance broker for around 12 years,” explained EBM’s Commercial Division Manager – Melbourne/Sydney.

“I started my career in insurance within the general broking space in the UK and when I returned to Australia I commenced with EBM in the RentCover team before progressing to the commercial broking division. My experience working within the industry has certainly given me insight into the needs and motivations of my real estate clients.”

With a combination of first-hand experience in the property industry and extensive experience in working with real estate professionals, Gareth is a dab hand at helping his clients identify the risks unique to the industry and mitigate those risks with the right insurances.

“It’s important to not only have a clear understanding of the exposures relating to a specific industry but also to have a clear understanding of how each business operates and how that impacts on their insurance needs,” he said.

“Spending time with each client to truly understand what’s important to them helps to tailor their insurance program to meet their expectations.

“We partner with our clients to ensure they are educated on the need for insurance and the exposures they face on a daily basis. From that educated standpoint they are well placed and confident when purchasing commercial insurance products for their business.”

Gareth explained that most agents are aware of the insurances they need to meet their licensing and contractual obligations, such as Professional Indemnity and Public Liability, along with covers to help protect their business interests such as office-based property risks. But there are also other exposures some don’t consider, along with emerging risks.

“There has been a significant increase of late in claims relating to Management Liability and Cyber Liability (data breaches and ransomware attacks). We strongly suggest our clients consider both management and cyber liability products within their insurance program and we always include these covers in our personalised risk analysis,” Gareth said.

Citing the fast-pace and constantly evolving nature of commercial insurance broking as aspects of his job he finds most exciting, Gareth also noted that it’s these factors that also pose some challenges.

“The constant evolution of the industry means brokers need to stay across all changes to legislative requirements along with new products and service offerings entering the market to ensure the client is receiving the most comprehensive insurance solution.”

But staying up-to-date is something that Gareth and his colleagues are focussed on – and it’s something that has earned EBM and RentCover a lot of respect among the real estate industry.

“We are well known as trusted risk advisors. We have been heavily involved in the real estate industry for over two decades and as a result have a detailed knowledge of the industry, the specific needs of our agents and the service expectations of landlords,” Gareth concluded.

Despite loving the fast-pace of the work, when it’s time to relax Gareth enjoys good food and wine, spending time with his family and travelling.