Injured FootCritical back to school costs remain unchanged for a decade

Protecting families against sudden financial stress from childhood accidents

Families facing rising expenses to equip hundreds of thousands of Australian children returning to school for 2018 are taking advantage of a low-cost insurance product which can provide protection from financial stress when a child is injured – and its pricing has remained unchanged for ten years.

Families across Australia are taking up EBM’s StudentCover policy, which in 2018 continues to be available for just $29 per child per year. If entire schools take out the cover, the cost can be as low as $9 per student.

Whilst prices for shoes, uniforms, books or fees continue to increase, the cost of safeguarding families against sudden large (and sometimes long-term) expenses resulting from childhood accidents has remained the same since 2009.

“Many parents mistakenly believe that accidents which happen to their children at school would be compensated by the school or government but in most cases, this is not the case. Negligence would have to be proven and being able to achieve this within the law is rare and expensive,” said Ward Dedman, EBM Managing Director.

“StudentCover provides 24/7 cover and includes almost all sports and activities – at school, home, or anywhere (some exclusions apply).

“No parent likes to think about their child being injured but accidents do happen, which can impose unexpected financial strain on families.”

 Case Studies – students’ covered

The majority of StudentCover claims are for broken limbs, dental, physio and emergency transport costs, however the risks remain for accidents resulting in major costs such as paraplegia, quadriplegia and many more which have a $500,000 policy benefit. Previous claim examples include:

  • School camp emergency evacuation – a student from NSW who suffered a snowboarding accident on a school camp sustained a broken wrist, damaged two front teeth, and needed evacuation from a mountain location to hospital, was compensated for the following:
     emergency transportation  $1,000
     teeth  $600 ($300 per tooth)
     wrist injury  $250
    TOTAL  $1,850


  • School fees relief after family tragedy – following the unfortunate passing of the parent of a student in Victoria, StudentCover paid the annual tuition fees for the year’s remaining school terms, easing the burden on the family:
      TOTAL              $4,700

“Many of these types of costs are not covered by public or private health insurance. Without this type of tailored policy cover, parents are left to foot the bill,” Mr Dedman said.

 StudentCover provides for a large range of non-Medicare medical expenses for students from kindergarten to Year 12.  Individual policies pay up to $500,000 for major injuries, while whole of school policies can pay out up to $1 million per claim (dependent upon level of cover selected).

Trampolines and sport are the most common culprits for children’s accidents

Mr Dedman said the rate and causes of childhood accidents across Australia can be gauged by an analysis of patient presentations at Princess Margaret Hospital, WA’s only paediatrics hospital, as detailed in the latest Kidsafe WA Childhood Injury Bulletin Annual Report: 2016-2017 which showed:

  • over a quarter of children’s accidents occurred at home and school, 15.1% and 10.8%,
  • respectively;
  • nearly a quarter of injury presentations were related to sport activities (23.3%), with trampoline mishaps the most common (12.8%), following by Australian Rules football (11.7%), cycling (11.4%) and soccer (10.1%);
  • nearly 18,000 children presented at PMH as a result of preventable injuries (49 per day), which was 29.5% of all presentations, a rise of 2.2% of this proportion over five years;
  • some 7,000 of those children (nearly 40%) required admission to hospital;
  • children aged 5-9 represented one quarter (26.1%) of all injury presentations; and
  • almost all injuries (99%) resulted from “unintentional circumstances”, i.e., accidents.

While PMH provides a large sample group, it covers only an estimated one-third of all children presenting across Perth, with the balance going to other hospitals and GPs.

Keeping policy cover costs down

StudentCover has been on the market since 1995 and is a specialist division of EBM Insurance & Risk Management. StudentCover presently provides financial protection for over 12,500 school aged children across Australia.

Mr Dedman said having individual StudentCover policies only available online had kept costs down and enabled EBM to keep the cover at an affordable level for families.

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He said another advantage of the cover was that when children are injured and hospitalised, parents do not want the burden of having to deal with insurance companies during such a difficult time.

As Australia’s leading privately owned and operated broker, EBM assists with StudentCover policy claims on behalf of families, easing the task at a highly stressful time, to expedite the processing of payouts.

The above information is provided for your general information and does not take into account your individual needs.  You should read the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording prior to making a decision, these can be obtained at or directly from EBM.