Staff profile: Brad Stenton

A penchant for financial management is a trait EBM loves (even if Brad’s wife doesn’t)!

Lucky for us, our National Manager – Finance, Brad Stenton, has always been good with figures. Despite not being overly taken with accounting when first out of university, his passion has grown.

Heading off to explore the world when he graduated, Brad soon found himself in London and working for RSM Robson Rhodes where he made his first foray into the finance/accounting industry.

“I didn’t enjoy finance and accounting initially, but I was always good at it!,” Brad laughed.

“It wasn’t until entering the workforce that I started to get a better understanding and appreciation for the profession and started enjoying it.

“Much to my wife’s dismay, I have a penchant for managing finances. It was only natural that I would choose this as a career path!”

Five years later, Brad returned to Perth and within a month had joined EBM as an Assistant Accountant.

“I was drawn to EBM very early on. So much so that I turned down a job offer before being offered a job at EBM – all because I was so impressed with the first interaction I had. Being here for 11 years now has confirmed that I made the right decision. EBM have been an extremely supportive and genuinely great organisation to be a part of. We have a strong set of core values that’s evident no matter what area of the business you work in,” he said.

Working his way up the ranks, Brad now heads up a large team. As the National Finance Manager, he is responsible for the entire accounting function across the EBM group and his role encompasses overseeing the day-to-day transactional side of accounting, preparation of financials, compliance with EBM’s various legislative responsibilities, payroll and analytical reporting.

Although Brad doesn’t personally have a lot of interaction with our RentCover clients, his team does. And he is currently working on ways to help make those interactions more seamless and enjoyable. It’s that culture of always innovating and having a client focus that is just one of the reasons he believes people choose RentCover and EBM.

“We’re a company that’s built on a strong set of values which is prevalent in all facets of our business and shines through in the products and services we offer. We’ve worked hard to build a positive brand that our clients can trust in, so that they have comfort in knowing they’re engaging with experts who have their best interests in mind.

“We’re a company that’s constantly evolving as the industry and our clients change. For my team and I, that means looking for ways to help better support management and the key areas of the business. As for working for EBM, we have a fantastic leadership group who are approachable and very supportive. They understand the importance of people – whether that be our clients or our staff.”

Away from the office, Brad has a toddler and a 3-month old at home – “there’s not much that can be thrown at me harder than that!”

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t relish professional challenges too: “The variety of the role and the ever-changing landscape keeps the role interesting and keeps me motivated. The day I stop facing professional challenges is the day I retire!”

So it’s lucky he loves tucking challenges under his belt… and that belt is ‘brown’.

“I studied a number of different disciplines of martial arts over about 8-10 years. I reached brown belt in one of them but never made it to the elusive black belt club. I’ve told my wife multiple times now that when my eldest daughter is old enough I’ll be taking her to lessons so I can start up again with her. Getting that black belt is on my bucket list!”.