Mike YatesStaff profile: Mike Yates

Knit one, IT two?

“I tell people that I wanted to do knitting but the queue for the college course was way too long. The IT course only had a few people in it, so I went there instead,” joked Mike Yates, EBM’s National Manager – IT&T.

“In reality, I’ve always liked technology. I was never one of those people who were afraid of it. I always wanted to get in and figure out how it worked.”

It’s been some thirty years since Mike’s college days in the UK and it’s fair to say his IT career has been varied.

“My first job was working on the implementation of a stock control system into a factory that made toilets,” Mike recalled.

But it’s variety in his role with EBM that Mike relishes: “I can go from implementing a new system to cyber security to changes to CBS to new PCs in the course of a couple of hours. I also love the fact that technology changes all the time and IT have to keep up, bringing innovation back to the business and applying it.”

Mike has experienced a lot of change in IT since his first job in 1984 (with his career commencing pre-internet, pre-email, pre-notebooks, pre-laptops…) and brought the constantly-evolving technology into operation across numerous industries. The IT landscape today presents a number of challenges and it keeps Mike and his 10-strong team busy.

Having joined EBM in May 2015, Mike is responsible for all aspects of IT within the company.

“At a high level, I start by looking at our strategic plans and what we need to be doing over the next three years to deliver those strategic goals. Understanding that, together with what we have today, shapes our IT architecture and that defines the roadmap of change we require and the money needed to deliver those projects. Then we need to make sure everything performs properly once it has been delivered.”

Importantly, Mike is supported by EBM’s management, who have a desire to move the business forward and embrace technology. Which makes for a great working environment: “There is a really good feel at EBM. And that’s important to me.”

Away from the office, Mike forgoes the tech and heads to live music gigs.

“I’m a big fan of live music, so I get to as many shows as I can. There’s not much that I don’t like on the music front,” Mike said.

Mike’s a keen traveller and having moved to WA from the UK five years ago, he is enjoying exploring his new home – journeying as far south as Albany and as far north as Exmouth so far.