Staff profile: James Patrikios

A passion for leadership paves the way to RentCover

Starting small and working his way up never fazed James Patrikios and now he’s at the top of his game in a senior role with RentCover.

James started on the phones at Westpac and quickly made his way through the ranks to take up sales team leadership roles, contact centre operational roles and then a project management position – all within the space of just six years.

That adaptability and drive stood him in good stead as he took up the role of National Client Services Manager with our team in September 2018 – and then became National Expert Care Manager when our client services and claims teams merged two months later.

“With leadership being my passion, moving into the role with RentCover was a slight change from the last role I had at Westpac, but not too difficult a transition considering my past,” said James.

Heading up the newly-established Centre of Expert Care, James manages a staff of around 40 people, with the support of three team leaders (two in Melbourne and one in Perth). He wants to inspire leadership qualities among his team, leading by example and modelling behaviours and providing insights that enhance team development.

“Over the past six months, a lot of my time has been spent improving processes and operationalising functions within the team with the aim of creating more capacity for our people,” said James.

“I also put into practice EBM RentCover’s purpose and values because they are real and genuinely help to increase engagement and customer satisfaction.”

Our purpose and values infiltrate every aspect of our business and this is something James connected with immediately.

“I was insanely picky about where I would work after departing from Westpac, and to be frank, I wanted to be. I wanted to choose a company that held the right values and delivered upon those values daily,” recalled James.

“I was drawn to how supportive everyone’s attitudes were during my interview. I could very much feel their ‘one team’ mentality and I knew that would filter throughout the company. So when the job was offered the decision was easy.”

Citing our competitiveness, our people and our service as some of the many reasons why clients choose RentCover, James is quick to point out the reason clients stay with us is “because we care”.

Asked what he enjoys most about his job and working with EBM he replied without hesitation: “Simple… the people”.

And amongst those people it is pretty well known that James is a big fan of the gym – “lifting weights helps me to relax, as crazy as that sounds” – and he was into competitive power lifting when he was younger but that ambition was curtailed by an injury.

But what his colleagues don’t know, is that James is also a big Michael Jackson fan: “Nothing crazy, but I have a few collectables that may have doubled or tripled in price”. No doubt everyone in our Melbourne office will now be watching to see if James has Jacko’s moves too next time one of the gloved-one’s tunes is on the radio!