Purple is the new inky blue

Autumn is a popular time to prepare properties for the cooler climes. If a seasonal revamp is on the cards at your rental, these are the trends to know (and some to avoid).

Memories of autumn can be very evocative – the sound of fallen leaves crunching underfoot… the cleansing aroma of fresh rain… the feeling of a soft scarf being wrapped around the neck… the sound of power tools… the smell of fresh paint.. It’s not only the season for a change in weather, but also high season for home, property and reno shows on the telly and a plethora of home and garden shows taking place around the country inspiring property investors to spruce up their rentals.

It’s also a time when some landlords will switch their rental from one type of lease to another, i.e. from a short-term lease to a fixed term or vice versa, depending on the type of demand for their property at this time of year. NOTE: A change in tenancy requires a change in the type of landlord insurance cover over the property. Talk to us about making the switch.

Others still will take the opportunity to renovate the property when tradies can be more plentiful. BTW: If the rental is being renovated, you need to contact us to discuss cover options while the works take place.

If a seasonal revamp is on the cards, it’s good to know what trends to consider and which to maybe not. Here’s a rundown of what’s trending this winter:

According to Houzz (as espoused in Vogue Living), these are the seven big trends for 2019:

  1. Striking surface treatments – think decorating island benches or cladding rooms in patterned wallpaper
  2. Pastel colours in the kitchen
  3. Calm colours – chalky hues like mint and sage, and beige and tan
  4. Statement vanities in the bathroom
  5. Outdoors as indoors with indoor furniture as outdoor furniture
  6. Smart and clever design – “alcoves turned into wine storage, under-stair areas becoming play spaces for children, display elements in disused areas, functional joinery built into narrow spaces and corners transformed into eye-catching studies”
  7. The rise of the pod – especially clad in timber

Darren Palmer’s hot tips:

  1. Getting back to nature – Pantone’s Colour of the Year Living Coral suits the theme perfectly and can be paired with beige neutrals, travertine and brass
  2. Floral, botanical and palm print wallpapers
  3. Green in every incarnation, especially eucalypt, sage, avocado and olive
  4. Saturated mid-toned primary and secondary colours in homage to the 80s and 90s
  5. “Pairing dominant and recessive colours to create focal points in a room, create an illusion of depth and space, or draw attention to statement pieces”
  6. Custom-designed furniture to reflect lifestyles, “people are looking for an artisan, handmade, bespoke response to furnishings”

According to Marie Claire, 2019’s most hashtag-able interior trends are:

  1. Claret, rust and peachy tones. Peach, grey and brass are back without a hint of 80s stigma
  2. Curves – think Morocco, archways are in
  3. Greenery – cacti are taking over from fiddle-leaf figs
  4. Celebrating heritage and context

Overview: “The latest trends are adventurous yet grounded with earthiness and tradition. Purple is the new inky blue. Millennial pink is getting both rustier and peachier. Shiny surfaces are out but matte lives on. And sharp lines are still cool but curves and arches are fast approaching.”

Elle’s top interiors trends for 2019:

  1. Organic shapes – “from sinuous sofas with soft bends to statement vases in irregular shapes”
  2. Gold accents replacing matte and copper accents in tapware and lighting
  3. Sustainable furniture and eco-friendly designs, furniture with purpose
  4. Linear lights, look out for “translucent sculptured glass lights in bubble and fluting shapes” or “seek out sorbet-shaded lighting”
  5. Clashing prints, contrasting prints and textures
  6. “Pastel shades, pale greens, lemon yellows, light neutrals and apricot orange coming to life in tapestry, lighting, kitchen cabinetry and smaller fixtures like coat racks and stools”
  7. Fun décor, minimalism is out

Overview: “As we move on from the functionality-focused trends of Scandi-mania, designers are mixing it up with brighter palettes and art-inspired elements leading the way.”

And a few trends to ditch, according to My Domaine:

  1. Skip oversize hardware, try minimal pulls
  2. Skip Moroccan rugs, try Iranian rugs
  3. Skip industrial lighting, try mid-century lanterns
  4. Skip mid-century tables, try contemporary tables
  5. Skip curved sofas, try 80s sofas
  6. Skip brass furniture, try natural stone furniture
  7. Skip subway tiles, try Zellige tiles
  8. Skip fringe pillows, try wool wrap pillows
  9. Skip terrazzo accents, try granite accents

Always on trend: If you update your rental, remember to check that the sum insured is still adequate and that any contents cover is sufficient!