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Not all clients are the same… That’s why we have products and brochures to suit all occasions.

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      • RentCover A4 Flyer
      • RERCA4001 – RentCover A4 Flyer

        • Size: A4
        • Code: RERCA4001

        The A4 version of the RentCover brochure is particularly suited to presentation kits for new landlords.

        This double-sided flyer includes details on both RentCoverUltra and RentCoverPlatinum and includes the features of the products.

      • Rencover flyer
      • RERCA4002 – Important Questions Flyer

        • Size: A4
        • Code: RERCA4002

        We all know there are many policies available today that may not contain all the features that a landlords needs requires.

        This simple question and answer brochure allows a landlord to consider whether their policy is really meeting their needs, without getting you involved.

        Better educated landlords will save you time and money in the long run.

      • businessman on the beach
      • RESTDL001 – RentCoverShortTerm DL Brochure

        • Size: DL
        • Code: RESTDL001

        Not all properties are let on a permanent basis. If you manage those let for short periods, this could be the answer.

        RentCoverShortTerm Designed to protect against the risks associated to properties that are let for short periods such as holiday letting & corporate leasing.

        Includes risks for contents and can be extended to include buildings for houses.

      • Short term RentCover Brochure
      • RESTA4001 – RentCoverShortTerm A4 Brochure

        • Size: A4
        • Code: RESTA4001

        The A4 version of the ShortTerm brochure is particularly suited to presentation kits for new landlords.

        This double-sided flyer includes details on the policy and includes a table detailing the features of the products.

      • TenantCover A4 Flyer
      • RETCA4001 – TenantCover A4 Flyer

        • Size: A4
        • Code: RETCA4001

        The A4 version of the TenantCover brochure is particularly suited to presentation kits for new tenants.

      • Consequences of no insurance
      • RERCA5010 – No Insurance A5 Flyer

        • Size: A5
        • Code: RERCA5010

        To help meet the Duty of Care of Property Managers this flyer allows you to maintain written confirmation from a landlord that they have declined the offer of RentCover landlord insurance, as well as collect information on the owners current insurance policy.

      • 12 common pitfalls booklet
      • RERCCU016 – 12 Most Common Pitfalls A5 Booklet

        • Size: A5
        • Code: RERCCU016

        The simple fact that not all insurance is the same makes it extremely difficult to weigh up the benefits of one policy versus another. This booklet highlights things to look out for when insuring your rental property.