When insuring a house let permanently to tenants you need to insure the building and contents (carpets, curtains, blinds etc.) as well as the tenant-related risks.  RentCoverPlatinum makes it simple, fast and inexpensive to combine comprehensive cover for the building and contents with the protection of landlords’ insurance in one policy.

So whether your tenant breaks their lease, damages your property, or whether there is a fire that causes a total loss, you will know that you are protected by RentCoverPlatinum.

With RentCoverPlatinum, you’re covered for damage to the building and/or contents through fire, earthquake, explosion, storm or rainwater (including flood) glass breakage, impact, theft, fusion, malicious acts by intruders or water damage from burst pipes or overflowing sinks.

You are also covered for almost every risk where a tenant does something wrong including malicious or accidental damage by the tenant, loss of rent due to broken leases, absconding tenants, denial of access and more.  You’re even covered for up to $30,000,000 legal liability.

What is covered by RentCoverPlatinum?

Loss of Rent due to:Cover
Denial of Access52 weeks
Prevention of Access52 weeks
Default of Rent6 weeks
Departure without notice6 weeks
Breaking of lease6 weeks
Malicious Damage¹52 weeks
Accidental Damage to Contents¹52 weeks
Accidental Damage to Building52 weeks
Theft by Tenant¹52 weeks
Hardship6 weeks
Death of a Tenant52 weeks
Defined Risks to contents (Fire, storm and flood etc.)²52 weeks
Defined Risks to building (Fire, storm and flood etc.)52 weeks
Damage & Theft (building)
Malicious Damage$65,000
Accidental Damage$65,000
Theft by the Tenant$65,000
Defined Risks (Fire, storm and flood etc.)²Up to sum insured
Damage & Theft (contents)
Malicious Damage¹$65,000
Damage caused by Tenant’s pets$65,000
Accidental Damage¹$65,000
Theft by the Tenant¹$65,000
Defined Risks (Fire, storm and flood etc.)²$65,000
Legal Costs$5,000
Legal Liability$30,000,000
Professional fees due to Tax Audit$1,000
Workers’ Compensation (WA)Included


Loss of RentNil
Malicious Damage$400 Per Claim
Accidental Damage$400 Per Event Max.2
Theft by the Tenant¹$400 Per Claim
Legal ExpenseNil
Owners LiabilityNil
Contents fire and perils$200 per claim
(except earthquake $250 and cyclone $500)
Building fire and perils$200 per claim
(except earthquake $250 and cyclone $500)

¹ Contents for Malicious Damage, Accidental Damage and Theft by the Tenant refers to those items specified in the policy. Malicious Damage for contents items supplied by the landlord for the tenants’ use can be insured for a small additional premium.

² Defined risks (Fire, storm, flood and water damage etc.) applies to contents items supplied by the landlord for the tenants’ use.

Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.