RentCoverShortTerm | Holiday Home and Airbnb Insurance

Short term accommodation leased for business or vacations needs specialised insurance to protect you against a range of risks not usually covered by residential or landlords insurance. RentCoverShortTerm is the perfect holiday home insurance and perfectly suited as an Airbnb insurance.

RentCoverShortTerm gives you comprehensive cover for contents (including game consoles, linen and crockery) of your short term rental property up to $65,000, for damage caused by your tenants or their guests, whether that damage is accidental or malicious. In addition it covers you for legal expenses incurred in minimising a loss, legal liability up to $20,000,000 and even professional fees incurred due to a tax audit up to $1,000.

RentCoverShortTerm also covers your property against a range of defined events such as fire, storm damage, water damage (including flood), glass breakage and a range of other insurable occurrences.

If you own a property let for short periods, such as Holiday Letting or Corporate Leasing, you can relax with RentCoverShortTerm.

Consider the features of RentCoverShortTerm, which may not be available on other short term accommodation insurance policies:

  • Your contents are automatically covered for up to $65,000.
  • Your insured contents include game consoles and crockery.
  • You are covered for lost rent up to $50,000 if your property can’t be let due to an insured event.
  • Your legal liability is covered up to $20 million.
  • You are covered against both accidental damage and malicious damage by your tenants or their guests.
  • As long as reasonable security measures are in place, like working locks, it covers your property.
  • If buildings are insured, your building is covered for ‘new for old’ replacement regardless of age.
  • Your legal expenses are covered up to $5,000 when incurred by you in minimising a loss.
  • Your costs in regard to professional fees of up to $1,000 are covered if incurred due to a tax audit in respect of income from your property.


Loss of RentNil
Malicious/Deliberate Damage and Theft$350 Per Claim
Accidental Damage$350 Per Event
Legal ExpensesNil
Owners LiabilityNil
Contents fire and perils$200 per claim
(except earthquake $250 and cyclone $1,000)
Building fire and perils$200 per claim
(except earthquake $250 and cyclone $1,000)

Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.