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Putting you in control

A unique online system

Clients of EBM RentCover have exclusive access to effective and easy-to-use online systems. RCPLive enhances the customer experience by offering a centralised platform for overseeing all insurance needs. 

Features of RCPLive


Find the cover right for you and apply, review and cancel policies. 


Keep track of paid and unpaid invoices, and request paperwork and training.


View claims history, connect to the online claims portal and cancel policies.

Register for RCPLive

Register for RCPLive

Through our systems it takes approximately five-minutes to apply for cover, and guides clients through a checklist of required documentation needed for a claim, compiling all relevant information in one place. 


“We have worked with EBM RentCover for over a decade and have always been happy with the service we receive. EBM RentCover has provided exceptional customer service throughout this period, from the business relationship manager to the claims team and support staff. They are always available for any questions, or to listen to any concerns that we may have. Most important of all, they provide our landlords with peace of mind.”

- Leah Johnson, General Manager (Property Management) – O’Neil Real Estate

Partner with EBM RentCover

Partner with EBM RentCover

We work with real estate agents and property professionals to educate them about the value of aligning with a specialist landlord insurance provider. Get in touch to discuss how we can work together. 

Become a partner

“I have been a client of EBM RentCover for more than 25 years and fully endorse them as Australia’s premiere landlord insurance company. The claims procedure is quick, efficient, fair, and on occasions the business has gone beyond their legal obligations to settle a claim. There is also the ‘human’ side of their service; of understanding the stress that landlords experience during the loss of rental income due to a claim.”

- Max Comben, Principal - The Comben Group

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