RCPLive Instructions

Logging In

In an internet browser go to:  http://www.rcplive.com.au
Type in your User ID and Password and click “Enter”.  If you have forgotten your User ID or Password either call 1800 688 820 during business hours, or click the ’Have you forgotten your password’ link on the RCPLive home page and nominate a password.
If it is the first time you have logged in or have not logged in within the past 30 days you will be taken directly to your company’s “Contacts” page.  Please check that all details are up to date, if not, please notify us as detailed on the screen.
At other times you will be taken directly to the “Your Details” page.

The Screens

Your Details:
This is your home page and displays the details we hold about your organisation.
Contact details for your organisation, please advise any changes to staff immediately.
Your schedule of currently insured properties, also identifies any unpaid accounts.  On this page you can search by “Property” or “Insured name” as well as advise us of any amendments or cancellations.
Displays both current and recent claims.  Should you wish to enquire about a specific claim simply click the “Email” icon next to the claim.
Add a Policy:
The place to arrange a new RentCover insurance policy.  Please ensure you follow the instructions carefully. The Tax Invoice and relevant paperwork will be emailed as per your selection in the application process at the completion of the transaction.
Other Insurances:
Request information on a wide range of other insurance policies.
Other Services:
Request brochures, claim forms and other paperwork, arrange mailouts, request training or general enquiries.
Links & Downloads:
Links to important documentation and other websites.

Quick How To’s

Arranging a policy
Click on the “Add a Policy” icon, select the type of policy to raise and follow all instructions carefully.  You must finish the process completely toeffect cover.  Your Tax Invoice and policy documentation will be emailed as you advised in the application process, a copy will also be posted to you if you have selected this option.  For detailed instructions please click here.
Obtaining a quote
Click into the “Add a Policy” section.  Select the policy you require a quote for.  On the next screen ensure you click ‘Yes’ to quote & complete all other required information.  For detailed instructions please click here.
Checking Insured properties
From the “Your Details” page click on the “Properties” tab.
Making changes to or cancelling an insured property
On the “Properties” page you may select a property by clicking on it.  Click “Amend” or “Cancel” to submit changes.
Checking for unpaid policies
On the “Properties” page you select the “Outstanding Only” tick box to display only unpaid policies, clear the box to return to your complete schedule.
Arranging an appointment or training
Click the “Other Services” icon and submit your request.
Ordering brochures or other materials
Click the “Other Services” icon and submit your request, alternatively click here.
Checking on the status of a claim
On the “Your Details” page select the “Claims” tab to display current and recent claims.  If you wish to query or comment on a claim click the “Email” icon.
Enquiring about other insurances
Click the “Other Insurances” icon and submit your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I print a schedule of properties?
A. While on the properties tab (under Your Details), click the print button.  This will open a new window and at the end of the schedule will be your option to print.
Q. Can I print invoices?
A. When you add a new policy if you select to receive the documentation via email you will receive the invoice and documentation which you can open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may print these if you wish or save to your hard drive for later referral.